How The New Waste Tyre Recycling Plant Operate Cleanly and Profitably

One staggering statistic that is bound to surprise most people is that, each and every year in the US, we throw away 246 million waste tyres. Even tyre companies are aware of the problem and are constantly looking for a solution since they know there is a problem. Tyres are made from a variety of natural rubber, synthetic rubber, fabric belts for reinforcement, and of course the steel belts for strength, plus fillers. When it comes to recycling tyres with tire recycling machine, some of them are used to make the asphalt to construct roads, a bunch are thrown into landfills, some more are used to make products like road beds, retaining walls, and playground surfaces. But, nearly half of all tyres are burned for fuel to make energy, but it’s a dirty, toxic process. Now, there is a newer process that promises to be profitable, clean, and eliminate the need to burn tyres ever again.

Waste Tire Recycling Plant
Waste Tire Recycling Plant

Pyrolysis Waste Tyre Recycling Plant

This actual process has been around in many forms for a thousand years. It’s similar to the method that ancient civilizations made charcoal. They pile up wood, cover it with dirt, then light it on fire. Since the dirt helps exclude fresh air and oxygen, the wood doesn’t burn completely and leaves charcoal.

A pyrolysis machine for sale for tyres operates in a similar manner but much more efficiently, faster, and cleaner as well. By baking the tires at a very high temperature, the tyres will decompose into very basic ingredients. After decomposing there is carbon black, a thick black powder mostly made of carbon.

Then there is oil, lots of oil, that can be used in many industrial boilers or refined and made into gasoline or diesel fuel. After that, there are combustible gases like propane, butane, and methane. These are captured and used by the tyre pyrolysis plant to heat the tyres in the reactor chamber. This helps keep the plant running mostly self-sustaining, needing very little outside energy to operate.

The Fumes Coming From The Exhaust Are Nearly Clear

The real beauty of these pyrolysis plants is that, since they exclude oxygen in the process, the tires never burn. All of the dangerous toxins and black smoke that you see from burning tyres is because of the chemical reaction during burning.

Waste Tire Recycling Process
Waste Tire Recycling Process

There is no longer a problem with placing these plants near communities since they don’t rain toxic smoke down on the nearby homes. In fact, it’s almost impossible to know that a tyre recycling machine for sale is operating nearby, they are quiet, and clean.

They can also be quite profitable. Tyres contain a large amount of recoverable oil. Most plants will condense the oil into several different weights or thicknesses. The heavy oil can be used in industrial boilers, and some of the light oils can power ships or be mixed with diesel to operate heavy machinery. All of the oils can be refined further to net almost any oil based product that is desired.

If you’re staring at a huge pile of waste tyres near your home, check into a tyre to oil pyrolysis plant. They can be batch plants for small amounts of tyres, or continuous plants that can be run virtually 24 hours per day. Your city will never have to throw another tyre into the landfill again.

Making Money From A Continuous Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant

Does the thought of making money recycling waste tires appeal to you? If so, you might want to learn more about continuous pyrolysis plant. In sharp contrast to other types of businesses that tend to have peak seasons and dry spells, you can make money from a tire recycling business year-round. What’s more, when you start such a business, in addition to potentially generating large profits, you will also be helping to clean up the natural environment. With the right equipment and machines, waste tires can be converted into tire oil via pyrolysis processes.

Continuous Tire Pyrolysis Machine
Continuous Tire Pyrolysis Machine

The reality is that waste black rubber tires take a long time to decompose and can cause a lot of damage to the environment if they are not recycled. With a continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant, scrap tires that would have been sent to landfill sites or incinerated can be recycled into marketable products. Those products include steel wire, carbon black, combustible gas, and tire oil.

Tire oil can be used as fuel in many different industries or with further refinement in a distillation machine it can be converted to gasoline and diesel. Carbon black can be turned in carbon blocks with briquetting equipment and used as fuel in a range of industries. The steel wire collected from a tyre pyrolysis plant can be sold directly to iron and steel factories. Combustible gas produced in such a plant is typically recycled back through the system and used as fuel to heat the reactor, significantly reducing a plant’s power requirements and running costs. The gas can also be put into tanks and sold to other industries.

Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Design from Beston
Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Design from Beston

A continuous pyrolysis plant differs from a semi-continuous plant in that it has a horizontal reactor as opposed to a rotary reactor. The top models of continuous pyrolysis plants have daily waste tire processing capacities of 24 tons. Meanwhile, plants with rotary reactors can only process between 6 and 16 tons of waste tires each day. Obviously, the cost of horizontal pyrolysis reactors is substantially higher.

Hopefully, you can now see some of the many advantages of investing in the waste tire to fuel oil business. Now it’s time for you to start researching different tyre pyrolysis plant manufacturers and vendors. Note that suppliers based in China tend to have the best scrap tire pyrolysis plant prices. Unfortunately, however, many overseas suppliers do not have any prices online. To find out how much different pyrolysis reactors cost, you generally have to call a supplier and ask for a quote.

Buying the right machinery is the most important part of setting up a successful waste tire recycling business. If you purchase a continuous pyrolysis plant from an unreputable manufacturer, you could end up with some very large repair bills. Furthermore, you might find it difficult to source spare parts for your plant. Looks for manufacturers that have global brand recognition and that offer warranties on their machinery.

Order A Tire Recycling Plant for Sale in Indonesia with Economical Features

With the growing dangers of environmental problems, people are concerned about a sustainable life. A majority of people are looking for ways to make the earth a better and greener place to live. Businesses are no exception to this; many business owners intend to contribute something serious towards an Eco-friendly planet. To attain this objective, many businesses are installing waste recycling plants. The tire recycling equipment in Indonesia is one such equipment that will let you recycle waste and protect the environment.

It’s a tire recycling plant for sale that aims at resolving the problem of tyre wastes. You can reprocess used tyres to make useful products. The end products shelled out by the plant has high demand in various markets. While nixing used tyres, you get to make a decent sum every day.

Tyre Recycling Machine for Sale
Beston Tyre Recycling Machine for Sale

Advice on Buying the Machine

When it relates to ordering this useful waste recycling plant, you’ve multiple choices. Many suppliers can be found that sell the tyre recycling machine. However, the machines offered by most of such vendors aren’t of high-quality. You ought to turn to a reputable supplier when buying this equipment.

This is where Beston Machinery comes into action. The vendor offers a number of such machines to cater to the varying requirements of different classes of business owners. Whether you need a high-end, production-oriented machine or a medium range plant, Beston is able to fulfill your demands.

The machines from Beston work efficiently without any hindrances. Also, they carry a modest price tag compared to models offered by other brands. Above all, Beston’s models are highly durable to withstand all sorts of damages and usage. This project also can recycle waste rubber. Click to get the informatioin.

The Tire Recycling Plant for Sale

This sophisticated equipment uses the most recent process to recycle waste into useful products. During recycling, waste tyres are moved into the plant via a feeder system. First of all, these tyres are dried as wet tyres are hard to process.

Once dried, the tyres are moved into a heated furnace. It’s here the disintegration process occurs. At a very high temperature, waste tyres decompose to generate other products.

Waste Tyre Recycling Plant Cost
Get Reasonable Waste Tyre Recycling Plant Cost from Beston

End Products as well as Their Applications

The tyre recycling equipment dispenses carbon black, combustible gas, steel wire, and tyre oil. Each product has its applications in a number of fields. For instance, carbon black can be converted into carbon blocks used in construction.

Combustible gas can be used as a fuel in domestic and industrial environments. Similarly, tyre oil can be used as a fuel to run cement plants, boiler plants, and restaurants. Steel wire carries a high monetary value and is used in various sectors.

Features of the Tyre Recycling Machine

This one of a kind plant comes with a myriad of features and offers a series of benefits to businesses of all levels. A few of its highlighting features are listed below.

Higher Production

When it boils down to commercialization of waste recycling, output is the name of the game. If a recycling plant generates less production, you can’t benefit much out of the project. You actually need a plant that will work speedily to do away with waste and make useful products faster. It’s here the Beston Machinery’s tyre recycling equipment enjoys an edge over others. The machine works continuously at a better speed to deliver higher output.

Low Investment

Most recycling machines come with a higher price tag. Sturdy components and usage of the latest technology increase the price of the machine. However, a high price can steer away many businesses from a profitable project. Beston makes sure that its machines are priced reasonably to match the investment budget of all types of businesses. Without investing too much, you can start a highly profitable waste recycling venture in a short time-frame.


Safety is very important in any manufacturing unit. Machines and operators need to be protected from any unfortunate accidents and mishaps. The Beston’s tyre recycling equipment includes the latest safety devices that can warn the operators against possible malfunctioning. Also, the machine stops functioning during possible production failures, thus averting any incident of damages or injuries.

Finishing Thoughts

The tire recycling plant for sale in Indonesia is one of the best equipment to convert waste tyres into wealth. By investing a reasonable sum, you’re ready to reuse waste tyres for good. Just be sure you order the plant from a reliable vendor such as Beston Group in order to reap the real benefits of this recycling project.

Some Thing You Need Know About Tire Recycling Plant

Tire Recycling Plant make this world a better place’ is the slogan everyone wants to preach and practice. But sometimes better is not the only option one can go with. For instance, better with healthier sounds much more appealing, right? But with so many industrial units set up at the end up every ink road, vehicles smoking their way around, schools emptying their dumpsters in all the wrong places do not do justice do not justice as to what we dream about for this planet. To recycle products could be one way of looking at it, to make sure the products being recycled are going through a spontaneous and correct fashion is another. The waste tyre recycling plant can recycle waste tires into fuel oil.

waste tyre recycling plant
waste tyre recycling plant

But why recycling? Recycling is yet another way to proceed towards a stout environment. This is because of the recycling process; it is a course of action that involves the collection of all the waste material that is considered to not be in an extremely bad position and can be converted into newer products. For example, using plastic shopping bags to make small plastic gloves, using old and broken glass bottles o construct newer and nicer glass products. We all tend to take care of our vehicles a lot. The daily grind that these poor science creatures go through is not even close to fair, but the blame is not to be dumped entirely on us. These vehicles come at a price to us. Get more information about tyre recycling plant cost.

Imagine, a guy invests his savings into a new Honda Civic, model 2018, yet his investment does not end there. He has to spend hundreds and thousand on its maintenance, weekly oil change, seat covers, new rims, and tires. Exactly! Tires. What happens if a tire bursts? Well, you go to the nearest possible car workshop and try to get it fixed. But what happens to the old tire is not only horrifying in terms of what it does to the environment but how purchasing new tires every time and leaving the old ones to rot is economically wrong. So what to do really? Well recycle these tires, that is the foremost and core thought to have. Principally, all the tires that are to be recycled at the tire recycling plant go through five main stages before they can enter any market again and be claimed by various customers.

Tire recycling plants are also commonly known as granule recycling plant and they involve the recycling of OTR tires truck tires, car tires, and also motorcycle tires. The entire objective is to really just the shred, the tire into tiny sand-like granules. The process of tire recycling is known as pyrolysis which is really just the softening of the tire in a heated container until it is ready to be shredded into pieces and molded back into a new recycled tire. First of all, let us consider the core step of any tire recycling process, which is the extraction of the steel bead part from the tire. It is done in a simple way by breaking the garter spring present in the tire. A garter spring in tires is present to ensure compression and elasticity in a tire to move in all possible directions. To take the garter spring out of the tire by breaking it inside an oil dynamic piston is very important.

Tire Recycling Plant for Sale
Tire Recycling Plant for Sale

Now that the tire has become soft and is ready to move to the next stage, we look at another important machinery known as the shredding rotor at the tire recycling plant. The tire due to the removal of the garter spring has become soft, so now the shredder cuts and scrapes the tire into several small pieces resembling large bread crumbs. Moreover, the process does not end here and the tire recycling plant continues to do wonder. The already shredded tire gets further crushed into a size smaller than a bread crumb and more like a sand granule, 15mm to be exact. This takes place in another shredder machine at the Beston Pyrolysis plant. All the granules then undergo a refining process where they are purified of any sort of foreign element other than the tire itself. The shredded tire rubber is either used at basket courts or for some binding adhesive purpose. They are also vastly used in drainage pipes, roof liners, car mats, and bumpers, etc. Tire recycling does take a very huge load off of us but can we really trust the process entirely? This is because tire recycling causes a lot of pollution and adds to the already landfill waste. So at times, it is better off considered to burn the wastefully used tires to save the environment from such hassle.

Why Is Tyre Pyrolysis Machine A Popular Product?

Take a look at the world today and you may notice our modern society is running on wheels, or more importantly, tyres. The tyres that make our society mobile are actually a major part of the planets waste production and a potential hazard to the environment. But, with the right treatment and repurposing, old tyres can actually be a boon. In the following article, we will look at why old tyres can be a problem and how a quality tire recycling machine is a perfect solution.

Tyre Recycling Machine to South Africa
Tyre Recycling Machine to South Africa

Close to 300 million tyres are discarded each year and the as much as 20% of these will end up in a landfill or discarded in other unhealthy ways. Many tyres are choking up ponds, waterways or collecting vegetation along the side of the road or in private property.

When tyres are not properly cared for, they can begin to have a bad effect on the environment. Mounds of discarded tyres are a breeding ground for voracious rats and mosquitoes to launch their infestations. Malaria, dengue, rabies and a host of other health problems can come from these pests living close to human environments.

In addition to increasing the vermin population, old stacks of tyres festering in the sunlight and rain will begin to leach toxins and contaminants. These are soaked up by the groundwater and soil and eventually make their way to the rivers and oceans where marine life is also threatened. Tyres that are burned emit more toxins into the air, ground and water. Two toxic heavy metals arsenic and lead are especially dangerous to waterways and aquatic life.

Pyrolysis Plant Design
Pyrolysis Plant Design

So what is the solution to the serious strain these discarded tyres place on the environment? As it turns out, tires are a source of valuable materials that have extensive application in our practical society. Waste tire pyrolysis plant will be a great investment project.

Pyrolysis and Why Is It a Popular Solution to Tyre Pollution?

Pyrolysis is the process by which old tyres can be transformed into something more useful. Pyrolysis comes from the Latin terms “pyro” meaning fire and “lysis” meaning change and refers to the decomposition of tyres in an oxygen-free environment. Old tyres from cars, buses, trucks and other vehicles can be processed and chopped into small chips. These waste products have a high calorific value which is on par with that of crude oil, making them a valuable source of fuel.

Pyrolysis Process

Scrap tyres can be fed into the pyrolysis machine where they will be heated to high temperatures with no oxygen, this produces the important chemical reactions that change the tyres into more useful products. In the high heats, the rubber polymers are evaporated and extracted from the reactor. These can be condensed into an oily liquid called pyrolysis oil. Those that are not able to be condensed become a gas that is also a potential fuel source. About 40% of the tyre is made of metal and other salvageable minerals, these can be extracted in solid from before the tyres are chopped up.


The tyre pyrolysis machine is a popular investment because it can change a dire problem and threat to the environment into a useful and eco-friendly source of fuel and other important products. If you are looking for recycling plants for sale, you can contact Beston for more details.

Reasons to Invest in a Waste Rubber Pyrolysis Plant

Annually, a huge number of rubber items are thrown away in the landfills as waste. These landfills have become a problem cause they contaminate the whole environment within a short time. During the production, many chemicals are used together with rubber which makes it dangerous for ground water when dumped irresponsibly. This is one of the main reasons why investing in a rubber pyrolysis plant has been a thing for the past few years now.

Investors prefer to start a waste rubber pyrolysis plant because it offers very many benefits. Some of them are explained below for your consideration.

– The technology found in a rubber pyrolysis plant is green since they simply turn waste rubber materials into fuel and other solid remnants.

Rubber Pyrolysis Plant in Korea
Rubber Pyrolysis Plant in Korea

– Another benefit in investing in this kind of a waste material recycling plant is the high profitability. Although the raw materials used for production come at relatively low prices, the final product is of great value and usable. Normally, it produces around 40-50% of fuel oil from the raw materials’ weight used to feed into the plant’s reactor. Alternative materials are produced as solid such as combustible gas and carbon black. The oil fuel, combustible gas together with the alternative solid materials produced from the waste rubber could be used fuel as well as raw materials for very many other commercial and industrial projects.

– These plants produce fuel oil that’s applicable in various industries such as cement factories, ceramic factories, boiler factories, boiler systems, glass factories, power plants and so much more.

Usage of Fuel Oil

– Around 30-35% of the waste rubber used is turned to carbon black that’s usually used as raw material by a few other industries as an inexpensive substitute to the carbon black created by petroleum in the course of processing. This makes it an obviously profitable business opportunity to venture in.

– In addition, an estimated 10-15% of the waste rubber is reused as solid material such as metal wires together with other related goods which also serve as raw materials for several other industries.

– Fuel gas, which can’t be liquid fuel, is produced with approximately 5% of the raw materials fed into the waste rubber pyrolysis plant. This gas can actually be used to heat the reactor of the pyrolysis plant.

– A complete waste material recycling plant turns the waste rubber into highly valuable products for different other commercial and industrial units along with getting rid of the hazardous waste rubber in order to provide a pollution free environment.

  - The rubber pyrolysis plant is Eco-friendly, which is a major advantage. It produces environment-safe and moneymaking products as well as getting rid of dangerous waste rubber products all through the planet.

– It’s affordable to purchase the plant.

Generally, it’s a worthy investment to pyrolysis plant for sale in South Africa due to its Eco-friendly and its affordability. It can be a profitable business than other trades if you can find waste recyclables at a low price and then sell their valuable and quality finished products at premium prices.

Quality Tire Recycling Machine From Beston

There is a waste recycling equipment manufacturer in China called Beston that has various pyrolysis machines for sale. They are often referred to as tire recycling machines, ones that can convert rubber tires into renewable fuels. These fuels will include charcoal, biofuel, and bio oil which can be produced in vast quantities. As long as you have ample access to rubber tires that can be processed, you can be in a very lucrative business. There are many reasons that you will want to consider getting them from this company which is regarded as one of the best tire recycling machine producers in all of China.

Tyre Recycling Machine to South Africa
Tyre Recycling Machine to South Africa

How Can You Use These Machines To Make A Profit?

These machines are able to help you make a profit with nothing more than the rubber tires that you have access to. You will need a couple of other machines and components to make this work. First of all, you will need a chipping device that will ship all of the tires into smaller pieces. You will need a conveyor system to put them in the reactor. After the reactor is done processing this material, you will then need containers where the oil and fuel will be consolidated. Finally, you need a place to store the charcoal that is produced which you will take out of the base of the reactor. This is the general working process of the waste tyre oil plant. Here is a video for you to know the process better.

Can This Be Profitable The First Month That You Get It?

This can be profitable if you have enough rubber tires to work with. It’s also highly possible if you get one of these machines from Beston. They are without a doubt one of the more highly respected companies in China, producing vast quantities of these machines and plants. If you would like to see the other machines that they produce, they are not limited to only producing pyrolysis machines. They have a wide range of products that they sell worldwide. It is a reputable company, not only known in China but on a worldwide basis for being one of the premier industrial machine producers.

How Soon Will You See A Profit?

The key to seeing profits within the first few weeks of using this machine is that you need to have clients already waiting. You need to tell people that purchase pyrolysis oil, or charcoal that you will have a large quantity of this ready. Once you start producing it, they will begin to buy it, and you will have this ongoing relationship. The more that you produce, the more you can reach out to other companies that will buy it from you, helping your business to grow.

Pyrolysis Oil
Pyrolysis Oil

If you would like to get into the business of recycling rubber tires, it can be a very good business for most people. As long as you know that you can get a constant supply of these rubber tires, you will be ready to start making a lot of money. The efficiency level of Beston tire recycling plant for sale will make it very easy for you to recover your money and start profiting within the year. There is very little that can hold you back as long as you have one of their pyrolysis machines or plants and a large supply of rubber tires.

Don’t Let Tire Pyrolysis Machine Prices Dissuade You

Don’t let the tyre pyrolysis plant price be a setback for you. The investment is going to make you money. You might not be in the green right away considering you paid for the plant, but it takes time. You will be continuously generating products to sell from the recycling process, and that is how you end up turning a profit.

Tire Pyrolysis Machine
Tire Pyrolysis Machine

Perhaps you already are confident about that, but you’re still leery about the tire pyrolysis machine price. That is understandable because you have a lot to deal with. You have a business to run, and you want to be sure that the plant purchase doesn’t break your business budget. In order to make sure that’s not the case, you’re going to be searching out the best deal.

It’s easy to see which manufacturers are the best. They have a prominent standing in the search results, although they don’t always make the pricing of their plants readily available. That said, you will be able to find out soon enough. One thing you need to do is pick a capacity. You can also look at retailer sites like Alibaba that feature equipment from various brands.

tire recycling machine
Tire recycling machine

Alibaba is a site that makes their prices more transparent. I don’t really think that the manufacturers are trying to keep the tyre pyrolysis machine prices from people. I just think that you’re dealing in large equipment that is available in different capacities. Those companies want to speak with serious investors that understand the costs of setting up such an operation.

What you have to look forward to is the fact that you’re going to be making money once you get the machine set up. You can expect to net pyrolysis oil, which will fuel the machine. You can convert that oil into a better fuel to sell, and you get steel, carbon black and hydrocarbon gas. It’s great that you net so many products from your tire recycling machine operation.

You just have to figure out what the up front costs are going to be. Once you get that straightened out, you can immediately start to whittle away at that price. Each time you sell anything you net from the recycling, you chip away at what you paid. It’s great that you can get two victories at once. You get to recycle those waste tires, and you get to make some money.

Ultimately, recycling is the goal here. Whoever came up with the pyrolysis plant really seems to have helped keep those tires out of the landfill. If we could get more of these pyrolysis plants up and running, then it would mean that less and less tires end up as waste. Website:

Truth be told, it would probably be a better idea if we made tires out of a different substance. Hey, we live in an imperfect world. What we can do now is recycle those tires so that thousands, even millions of them, don’t end up sitting around releasing chemicals into the earth. Doesn’t that sound like a better plan?

Waste Plastic Recycling Plant Costs – What Will You Have To Pay?

The waste plastic at some facilities can be in large quantities. Do you already work towards recycling the plastic that comes through your place of business? Maybe that’s the issues you’re trying to address now, and you are looking into the waste plastic recycling plant costs. What are your options? How much is a waste plastic recycling machine? Do you wanna know?

Beston plastic recycling plant for sale
Beston plastic recycling plant for sale

The waste plastic pyrolysis plants for sale produce a particular type of clean fuel that many businesses out there can use for a variety of reasons. Since this fuel can be used by many companies, it is a resource that you can sell. Keep in mind that is money made from waste. You are also protecting the environment. Yet before you make all that money, you’re going to have to spend some money, too.

Does running the  pyrolysis machine cut into your profits? Save for paying for manpower, the plant keeps itself running. The way it happens is the fuel produced can be used to help power the machine. You’re going to have plenty of fuel left over, especially after running it over and over again. You can put the fuel to use for your company, or you can sell it, whichever you want to do.

Beston waste plastic recycling equipment installed in Nigeria
Beston waste plastic recycling equipment installed in Nigeria

It is said to be a great alternative fuel source, so that is good to know. All of that sounds great, but you’re wanting to know the waste plastic recycling plant costs. What are you going to have to pay to get one of these equipment for recycling plastic set up to start business? That’s the question of the day, but unfortunately, you’re going to have to talk to manufacturers about that one.

I say unfortunately because you want to know the details. Yet you are going to get a quote real soon. The manufacturers need to know what the capacity (small scale plastic recycling plant and large scale plastic recycling plant) is you need for your plant. They will discuss capacity and perhaps what type of plant would be best for your business. You can talk about the rest of the specs, too, and then you can figure out what type of investment you are going to have to make.

When you get ready to make the recycling investment, the company will help you get everything set up. You will then be able to run plastic through the plant continuously, and then you can start selling the fuel that is produced. You will want to be sure that you are going to have buyers for that fuel, but it is certainly a great product. You are going to be turning waste into a product that can be used for many reasons. Do you find out the reliable manufacturer?

You are about to discover what a waste recycling plant is going to cost you, and then you are going to be able to get your investment sorted out. Once you do that, you are going to see that you can count on the process over and over again. Wouldn’t it be nice to turn waste plastic into fuel? You’re going to be doing it soon enough if you get a plastic pyrolysis plant set up at your facility. Go on this site to start your business: Visit China Beston Group.