Egg Tray Making Machine – Paper Recycling Business

One of the most effective ways of getting rid of solid waste is through recycling and since the waste paper is part of the solid waste, technologies have been developed and put in place to use the waste paper by recycling it into useful products including;

i.Egg trays: used for holding eggs and based on the specifications, the egg trays can be made using different and specific moulding processes. The egg trays can protect the eggs from damage since they are very fragile.
ii.Egg cartons: they are also used in holding eggs and can be made to hold even six eggs per cartons.
iii.Fruit trays: paper moulded fruits trays are made to package fruits such as apples and oranges in different sizes and holding capacity.
iv.Toilet paper: it is used at homes as a household essential in toilets for cleaning purposes.

There are different types of waste paper that can be used as a feedstock by the eggs tray making machinery. These include;
•Mill broke: they are obtained during the manufacture of paper as scrap paper or paper trimmings.
•Pre-consumer waste: this is manufactured paper from the paper mill that gets disposed before reaching the consumer.
•Post-consumer waste: this includes waste paper from consumers that get discarded after it has been used such as old newspapers, old magazines and also office paper.

Egg Tray Machine
Egg Tray Machine

There are different types of egg tray making machines which include;

•The manual egg tray machine that is ideal for small scale businesses but it has a low output of the final product.
•The semi-automatic egg tray machine suitable for a medium industry.
•The automated egg tray machine that has a very high output and is suitable for a large scale industry.

An egg tray making machine is designed to fit the recycling of the waste paper to form the various products. Go to this page:

Components of an egg tray making machine

•Pulping system: it has a hydraulic pulper that breaks down the waste paper making up the pulp.
•Vacuum pump: it is used to attach the pulp fibre into the forming mould and helps in removing excess water from the pulp and increasing compactness. This results in a quality product.
•Forming mould: it is used in moulding the pulp into egg trays.
•Air compressor: an air compressor is used to separate dies from the final moulded product.
•Cleaning device: it is used to remove excess and residual pulp after the remoulding process. This increases the quality of the product and also helps in maintaining the egg tray making machine in good conditions.
•Drying system: used to dry the final product by removing excess water.
•Packing system: it is an automated system that collects and counts the end product.
•Water spraying unit: it provides the machine with water to break down the waste paper

Egg Tray Making Machine to India
Egg Tray Making Machine to India

Working process of an egg tray making machine

Waste paper collected is put into the pulp making machine and using the hydraulic pulper and water supplied by the water spray system, the waste paper is smashed down to produce pulp which is ready to be moulded. This is then pumped via the vacuum pump which will attach the pulp to the forming mould to produce wet trays. The vacuum system will also remove excess water and pump it back to the pulping system where it will be reused. The wet trays are then passed via an air compressor that removes any dyes from the trays which are then conveyed via the transfer moulds into the drying system that uses hot air to dry the egg trays. The dried egg trays then exit from the drier to the packing system where they are counted and well packed. You can purchase the machine from reliable egg tray machine manufacturers.

Advantages of using an egg tray making machine

1.The process of using the machine is simple as most of the work is automated and done with the machine.
2.It is a cost-effective process as the raw materials are easily obtained from the waste paper.
3.Egg tray making process has led to an effective way of improving the environment by reducing the amount of paper pollution.
4.It helps in conserving the forests as the number of trees cut to make paper products is greatly reduced by recycling the already used paper.
5.Egg trays from an egg tray making machine ease the process of transporting the final product and protecting the eggs from damage.
6.The egg tray machine can be used not only to produce egg trays but also other moulding products by only changing the type of forming mould.