Reasons to Invest in a Waste Rubber Pyrolysis Plant

Annually, a huge number of rubber items are thrown away in the landfills as waste. These landfills have become a problem cause they contaminate the whole environment within a short time. During the production, many chemicals are used together with rubber which makes it dangerous for ground water when dumped irresponsibly. This is one of the main reasons why investing in a rubber pyrolysis plant has been a thing for the past few years now.

Investors prefer to start a waste rubber pyrolysis plant because it offers very many benefits. Some of them are explained below for your consideration.

– The technology found in a rubber pyrolysis plant is green since they simply turn waste rubber materials into fuel and other solid remnants.

Rubber Pyrolysis Plant in Korea
Rubber Pyrolysis Plant in Korea

– Another benefit in investing in this kind of a waste material recycling plant is the high profitability. Although the raw materials used for production come at relatively low prices, the final product is of great value and usable. Normally, it produces around 40-50% of fuel oil from the raw materials’ weight used to feed into the plant’s reactor. Alternative materials are produced as solid such as combustible gas and carbon black. The oil fuel, combustible gas together with the alternative solid materials produced from the waste rubber could be used fuel as well as raw materials for very many other commercial and industrial projects.

– These plants produce fuel oil that’s applicable in various industries such as cement factories, ceramic factories, boiler factories, boiler systems, glass factories, power plants and so much more.

Usage of Fuel Oil

– Around 30-35% of the waste rubber used is turned to carbon black that’s usually used as raw material by a few other industries as an inexpensive substitute to the carbon black created by petroleum in the course of processing. This makes it an obviously profitable business opportunity to venture in.

– In addition, an estimated 10-15% of the waste rubber is reused as solid material such as metal wires together with other related goods which also serve as raw materials for several other industries.

– Fuel gas, which can’t be liquid fuel, is produced with approximately 5% of the raw materials fed into the waste rubber pyrolysis plant. This gas can actually be used to heat the reactor of the pyrolysis plant.

– A complete waste material recycling plant turns the waste rubber into highly valuable products for different other commercial and industrial units along with getting rid of the hazardous waste rubber in order to provide a pollution free environment.

  - The rubber pyrolysis plant is Eco-friendly, which is a major advantage. It produces environment-safe and moneymaking products as well as getting rid of dangerous waste rubber products all through the planet.

– It’s affordable to purchase the plant.

Generally, it’s a worthy investment to pyrolysis plant for sale in South Africa due to its Eco-friendly and its affordability. It can be a profitable business than other trades if you can find waste recyclables at a low price and then sell their valuable and quality finished products at premium prices.